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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have perfect 20/20 vision? A lot of people have undergone LASIK surgery and achieved that very result. If you have cataracts though, this type of surgery isn’t the solution. Throughout this site, we’ll give you some of our insight as to whether you’re a good fit for cataract surgery,the costs associated with the procedure, and .

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Will LASIK Cure Cataracts?

No. Laser eye surgery doesn’t correct vision lost due to cataracts. Although cataract surgery is oftentimes a great solution for this impairment, the two surgeries are quite different in size and scope.

LASIK surgery uses medical-grade laser technology to cut a flap in the cornea, so that the inner layer can be further manipulated and reshaped. Cataract surgery requires the removal or partial removal of the cornea so that an artificial lens can be implanted.

How Do I Know if I Have Cataracts or If I Need Surgery?

The diagnosis of cataracts requires a medical doctor. However, the biggest sign of cataracts include a loss of vision being described as “foggy” or “clouded.” This is mainly due to protein deposits and hardening of the inner-eye fluid. Cataracts are classified based on type as nuclear, cortical, or posterior. For more information on cataract surgery, visit You’ll find a description of traditional cataract surgery vs. laser cataract surgery and everything both entail.

How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost in Atlanta, Georgia?

The average cost of cataract surgery in the United States is roughly $3,500 per eye with Atlanta being no different. Not all of that is out-of-pocket though. Depending on your healthcare provider, you may be entitled to just paying the co-pay or “premium” of the entire operation. Contact your vision insurance provider for exact details before undergoing surgery. Also, discuss it with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Is Cataract Surgery Cheaper than LASIK?

In the graphic below, you’ll see the trend of how much LASIK costs per eye over the last couple of years. You should be aware that although these are averages, surgeons in Atlanta may be above or below these figures based on several different factors. Always do your best to find the best value in your surgery, not necessarily the “cheapest” procedure, but the best value.

LASIK Atlanta CostHere are some of the factors that go into the pricing of LASIK or even cataract surgery in the Atlanta metro area.

– Current availability of the surgeon.

– Supply and demand of the facility.

– The technology used.

– Time the surgeon has been in practice.

– Your personal hereditary risks.

– The skill of the surgeon.

– The cooperation of the patient.


While these factors may seem small to you, they play a big role in current pricing of LASIK and cataract surgery in every major market, and any industry really. Again, when considering corrective eye surgery, don’t just go for the cheapest option. You should never try to discount shop when it comes to surgeries.

For more information on LASIK cost and financing options, be sure to visit the linked resource page. We’ve created it especially for those types of inquiries. To answer the above question simply, yes LASIK does cost less than cataract surgery. This is because it is a lot easier to perform and isn’t as demanding on a surgeon’s time as cataract surgery.

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